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    Welcome to the Merrill Chamber!  I would like to introduce myself.   I am Jeff Schneider, the 2019 Board Chairman of the Merrill Chamber of Commerce.  I was born and raised in Merrill, and lived here my first thirty years.  The next seventeen years away I lived in seven other states ranging from rural Appalachia to big city East Coast living.  I moved back to Merrill in 2013 as a choice in where I want to live, work, and play.  While there are many other good places to live and work in this vast country, I believe this is the best.  We have great people, a great culture, four beautiful seasons, school systems that are the best in the country, and fantastic places to work, live, shop, and play.

    To our visitors - I welcome you to our outstanding community.  Please use us as your resource to learn about our community, events, and the features of our town and surrounding area.  Enjoy the trails, the parks, the historical museum, and the festivals as you explore Merrill.  Our Chamber is staffed with folks who are extremely knowledgeable in the City of Merrill, its activities, and its resources.  Please request a packet of information on Merrill from Debbe and her staff, or give them a call to learn more about what is going on in town, or any questions you might have.  Browse our website and learn about all of our members and what Merrill has to offer, and be sure to watch the calendar for upcoming events.

    To our community - there isn’t a better place in the country to live, work, play, and raise a family than Merrill.  We have an outstanding school system and an unbelievable scholarship program.  Our Chamber members work with and help support the school system in many ways.  We have many great employers in town and a good solid employment base.  I have seen a change in my lifetime from a manufacturing dominated employment base, to a more diverse employment base today, with an insurance company now as our largest employer instead of a window manufacturer.  The health care, retail, and financial institution sectors continue strong growth in our area as well.  This diversity helps balance our growing community and provide greater employment options.  We have great places to shop in town, ranging from small businesses in our thriving downtown, to regrowth on the westside, to the continued growth on the east side of town near the freeway.  We have a safe community; both our police and fire departments are top notch.  We live in a generous community.  Many of our Chamber members are very generous benefactors to the community, as are many of our non-members and individuals.  When it comes to recreational opportunities, our locale really shines.  We have so many outdoor opportunities, such as fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, boating and snowmobiling that many of us participate in, that it is engrained in our spirits.  We have many community events, from Pork in the Park, to Barley Fest, an outstanding Lincoln County Fair, to Movies in the Park, the Lincoln County Rodeo, to Chalk Fest.  The list goes on and on; there is truly something for everyone.

    To our members – “Members Working Together Since 1911”, thank you.  I have enjoyed meeting many of you over the last few years.  Your pride in the community is inspiring.   Our Chamber is here to support your efforts and provide educational, economic development, marketing, and tourism resources and tools.  We are here to help deliver value to our membership whether it is through those resources, through networking opportunities, or to be the conduit toward strong corporate citizenship.  New members often are amazed by the value that their membership brings, beginning with a ribbon cutting ceremony and the publicity that it generates.  There are many marketing opportunities being expanded upon also.  For example: Member Spotlights, Chamber member referrals, inclusion of your events on our calendar, and increased use of social media to broadcast your information and events all show the strong value of your membership. We are adding a member services position to help ensure that we are providing the value that you expect from your organization.  The Circles of Influence that bring members together to work toward common goals are also a key benefit of membership.  Please reach out with your ideas to help us continue to make Merrill the best of the best.

    “Members Working Together Since 1911”.  It is a great pleasure to be a part of this Chamber, and a part of this community.  This is exactly where I want to live, work, and play.

    Wishing everyone a warm welcome,

    Jeff Schneider

    2019 Board Chairman

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