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    Dave Bonnell started in the grocery industry at the age of 15 at Louie's Red Owl in Antigo, WI. He worked there part-time working around his school and sports eventually working in the Meat Department. He was a traveling manager for meat depts. around the area before he moved to Merrill where he ran the Meat Department until 1975 when the store became available for purchase. He and his brother Dick became partners in running the Red Owl store. In 1997, he moved from the Red Owl location to the current location at 300 E. First Street and changed the name to Dave’s County Market.

    In 2005, Dave passed away suddenly. Rita, along with Barb, David and Jeff, continue to work at providing customers with a quality place to shop. We are dedicated to providing quality services and products to our customers. Their daughter, Lisa, lives in Merrill and is in the field of education.

    The Bonnell family, along with their entire staff, strives to provide the best service to our customers. Our facility is large enough to carry and supply your needs, but it is not overwhelming. Our staff is ready to help you with all of your shopping needs.

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